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The Lobby / Found my old Tracker-Idol's site
« on: July 06, 2006, 07:59:46 »
Being the old fuddy duddy, I have to go through this long introduction.

Way back in the demo scene there was a crew above all crews.  Each demo they released year by year blew away the competition until one year they vanished.  They all up and got real jobs using the talents they fine tuned in the demo scene.  They were Future Crew.  Back in those days I thrived to make my tracks sound as good as the 2 musicians of FC (Purple Motion and Skaven).  Purple Motion dropped off the scene and I haven't seen anything of his since but Skaven seems to be still out there.  In fact you may have heard some of his stuff.  Check out PopCap games.  Well, I searched and found his site.  He has all his old stuff and new stuff out there including the stuff that is copywrited so check before you want to borrow his licks from those PopCap tracks.  He lives in the Finland scene last time I checked.  Just check out what he pushed out and has been pushing out.  About 80% of my samples are his.  I fully admit I am on this guy's jock because I have not heard still this day stuff like his in S3M and IT.  Check his stuff out because it can give you some great ideas on effects.

Not advertising, I have learned most of my tricks from watching someone else's. :)

The Lobby / Introduce yourself - Quick209
« on: July 02, 2006, 02:42:02 »
Hey all, old skooler coming back to the scene all the way from California, US.  Only trackers I ever used was good ol Future Crew's Scream Tracker and Impulse Tracker when it supported the format S3M.  Good to see the scene is not dead. :)

The Lobby / Checking out Mod Scene after 10 yrs out
« on: June 18, 2006, 02:41:38 »
Hey all.  I used to track a whole lot about 10 years ago when Future Crew were around and stuff.  I just happened to be listening to some of my old stuff that I happen to have on my old Syquest drive with my old Impulse tracker and other things.  Missing my samples though..doh.  I just was jamming away to my old stuff when I did a search for my stuff online and this site pops up.  Funny thing about it was I was doing a search for an old BBS called Digital Dessonance and found one of my first 2 songs and my first song here. Also another song.  I decided to place myself in the artist list except only 3 of my songs is here so I dug up a 4th from my old archive and dropped it here to be added.  Wanted to know how has the mod scene been happening.  I noticed there is finally a cool looking win32 tracker out.  I was looking at the Bro tracker or whatever.  May have to download and give it a go around if I haven't forgotten everything.  Nice to see this stuff hasn't died out yet. :)

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