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Wanted: Music for Projects / Music Wanted for WarioWare Game
« on: December 27, 2008, 22:39:54 »
Hello there, I'm a member over at PAlib and I'm currently working on a WarioWare Custom game for the DS. The game is progressing very nicely, but the problem is I'm trying to take a step further in the development and move away from some of the music tracks that I ripped from the original games.

So, I would like to see if anyone would be interested in making some music tracks for the game. The interesting part of the music tracks for WarioWare, for those of you that have not played the game, is that they are only 4 seconds long. HOWEVER, they have a very random nature to them. I've made a quick little video of a play through of WarioWare Touched, the Nintendo DS version:

Here's what I am looking for exactly:

- Music for individual mini-games, as many as possible would be great. If you watch the movie, all the music tracks are very random, from some being simple melodies, to others being crazy music. These mini-game music tracks should mostly be 4 seconds long, but a few could be made to be longer than 4 seconds, as you can see by the movie.

- Extra music if you wish, such as music for the in between section for mini-games. This part I'll leave up to you're imagination, basically each in between section consists of 2, two-second tracks. The first section is a 2 second track that depends on if you won or lost the mini-game. The second section is another 2 second track that is the "prep" music, which is basically just saying, "Get ready, here comes the next one!"

So yea, this request is left very up in the area, since there aren't a lot of specific things I'm looking for in the music itself. I guess just let it give you guys some freedom to really just mess around. Any random music you guys can come up with for this would be greatly appreciated. If you're interested in finding out a little more about the game and it's progress, here is the link to the main development topic of it:


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