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MilkyTracker Support / Milkytracker on ubuntu
« on: January 02, 2009, 19:52:01 »
Hi people!

I'm trying to get some sound from Milkytracker but it isn't working. I installed it using ubuntu's package manager, and the only driver that it accepts is SDL's. But although the rows in the pattern move when playing the song, there isn't any sound at all. It just looks as if the computer's mixer was muted! (and that obviously is not the case).

Just to discard possible reasons for this, I can tell I can use other programs with the SDL driver perfectly, such as Schism tracker and code that I did using SDL's audio output. I saw somewhere there was a guy suggesting people to change from libsdl-pulse flavour to alsa flavour but even if I tried it (sceptically, I must add) it didn't make any difference.

When launching the program from a console, I get no errors or useful messages, only this:

SDL: Using audio driver: pulse
SDL: Buffer size = 2048 samples (requested 2048)

I tried to increase the buffer size, and clicked the 2^n option just to see what could happen but there wasn't any difference.

I also recompiled milky once applied the patch to prevent Jack from not working, and it didn't work either. It didn't produce the error from before, but it simply produced a hung up program.

There's people using milky on ubuntu so I wonder if anyone has any advice? It will be much appreciated.

I thought of posting this on ubuntu's bug tracker for the package, but I think the maintainer of the package also hangs around this forum so maybe it will be more appropriate to post it here.

Thanks for any help!

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