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Tracking / The freesound sample database
« on: July 18, 2006, 22:24:31 »

I found this a couple years ago and tried to get the word out.  Basically, its a website hosting a very very large amount of samples released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus license (apparently this includes commercial purposes provided the author is credited or something like that).  I suspect that sooner or later newbies will eventually start using the samples from there instead of ripping off samples from other modules (guilty :(), or trying to find a warez copy of the latest reason refill, or whatever.  I can't really attest to the quality of the samples right now because I'm at the topeka public library, haha.


The Lobby / Introduce yourself - Garian
« on: July 16, 2006, 20:54:51 »

I mean, I'm Garian Cashman, resident of Topeka Kansas, USA, and now officially a student at Kansas University in Lawrence (Majoring in Physics) after 4 years of bummin' and slummin'.  I've been playing guitar since 1997, and while i'm no shredder, I can hold my own and I'm starting up a band with one of my friends in town (as soon as he learns to play, anyway).  I don't have home internet, but I often go to said friend's apartment to hang out, and when he's at work or asleep I'm usually on his computer, because I'm a jerk.  But we often go hang out at a bar (The 20's) and chill out there, and less often we go to one of the local strip clubs.  I was introduced to composing music on my PC in 2002, when I decided to look up OverClocked Remix, and a few people there directed me to Fruity Loops (now FL Studio), although a few people in the IRC channel introduced me to tracked music (namely Protricity and 68030 of Children of the Monkey Machine) as well as Jeskola Buzz, so I downloaded MODPlug and Buzz to see what the hullabaloo was about.  I wasn't interested with MODPlug until later, because I didn't understand how to use samples at the time (so when my computer ate Fruity, I moved to Buzz).  I'm not an accomplished Buzzer, though :(.  In 2005 I decided to get Impulse Tracker and DOSbox running, so when I can, I use IT to track (although I usually end up using MODPlug anyway).  Recently I started using BeRo, but I find that its a little buggy at the moment.

As I said before, I was introduced to the scene via VGM proxy (actually, it went OCRemix, VGMix, Hellven, then, and I'm really interested in learning to code demos (haha I'm a sucker).  Right now, the only thing I can code is weako console cruds, but I'm hoping that when I can get wxWidgets working proper (stupid gcc packed in with Dev-C++ sux0rz) I can move on a little, at least.  What would really be cool is to do a graphical version of my "Periodic Reminder" element guessing/memorisation program.  I published the source to that on my friend Doug's forum (at, because I'm weird.

My current music projects are nearly all arrangements from video games, 4 from Chrono Trigger (the Zeal theme [in Buzz], the Battle with Magus, and Robo's theme, and the Ocean Palace [a guitar arrangement!]), one from the SNES version of Shadow of the Beast (in IT/MODPlug, track 04 of the SPC pack), and one from Final Fantasy 6 (the Prelude, in Buzz).  I need to write more originals, but if anyone wants some of my older originals, just email me at djpoachedeggs at yahoo dot com.

I love OHCs, even though I nearly always lose (its not my fault I'm not as good as everyone else!).

Oh, I plan on expatriating (possibly to Sweden?) when I finish with College, mostly due to the increasingly weakening Constitution and the ever failing Bill of Rights.  And the prospect of Jeb Bush running for the presidency. :(

Sorry, its not short, but in my defence, I my internet access is sporadic at best.  Cheers!

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