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The Lobby / open-source netlabel looking for submissions
« on: December 30, 2009, 20:00:53 »
Hey guys,

I run a net/cdr/tape label SINE

The releases are covered under a creative commons license (in the process of creating a copyleft one) which allows people to remix your work as long as your work is credited.

I'm looking for the next batch of releases to be sample based tracker releases which will be released on tape and online downloads of mod/xm.

The online downloads will be free downloads and the tapes I intend to cover costs.

I'm open to all genres but definitely interested in more lo-fi/leftfield kind of stuff.

Hope some of you would be interested.

please contact me at:


Hi all my casioppea e500 has died  so no more portable tracking for me :(

Unless someone starts work on an iphone port?

Would this be possible?

Or if not an iphone port a milkyplayer that preserves amiga left/right channels would be awesome!

The Lobby / hey all!
« on: June 15, 2009, 20:50:01 »
Nice to see an active tracking forum!

From the UK here and primarily a chiptune artist using musicmon and octalyser on an Atari STE.

Also really liking milkytracker and renoise for band stuff.

In the process of launching an open source mod label too!

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