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Tracking / sampling help
« on: November 19, 2006, 19:41:59 »
i've reached a frustrating point in my tracking as my sampling methods aren't up to par with what i'd like them to be. i'll usually either just record somthing or or rip somthing from somwhere or use samples from somone elses track. the samples i select with these methods always "do somthing" for me aurally at the time of the rip, though im not sure what.  ill put them aside until they can be used in a project.  
and for that reason, among others that i dont know, these samples rarely turn out to be perfect becuase of the haphazard way they found themselves to my song.
i was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on the topic of making samples that are exactly what you need when you need them.
or refer me to any essays, faq's or tutorials concerning the topic.
or stuff about anything you might think be relevant: equalizers, blahblahblah
thanks alot, i appreciate it

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