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Mobile Phone Players / BeRoXM - Android MOD/WOW/XM player
« on: July 04, 2010, 10:51:36 »

i've submitted the android version of BeRoXM into the android market as adbased freeware (of course, with a adfree unlocker key) today, see  or directly on a android smartphone/superphone market://search?q=pname:com.bero.multimedia.beroxm but the CPU should be a fast once, optimal are >=1 GHz Devices like the Google Nexus One, HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S, and so on, at least i've tested it on my Google Nexus One and my Samsung Galaxy S and in some days i will test it on my old  Motorola Milestone(/Droid) with slower CPU. And on T-Mobile G1 it will not run, because the ARM CPU of the G1 has no VFP floating point instruction support.

It plays MOD, WOW and XM (together with BeRoTracker and (Open)ModPlug Extensions, for example Filter effects with MIDI macro template backend, Stereo Samples, ADPCM-compressed Samples, and so on).

And the buffersize is hardcoded in the moment, and "can be" suboptimal for some devices. But i will make a setting for that in the future.

And who want, that I should porting my feature-overkill BeRoTracker Playerengine (MOD/STM/S3M/XM/IT/BRT/IMF/MTM/MT2/WOW/669/DMF/MIDI/etc.) to Android, must hope, pray or donate ;D Because that would will be a bigger laborious task, because the BRT Engine in the current state uses only floating point for the whole DSP mixing stuff, which I would must change it then to integer fixedpoint mixing or optimzing for the ARM NEON instruction set for a optimal perfomance on embedded ARM CPUs. But until this will occuring and if if that happens at all, BeRoXM is anyway a compromise, I think.

So have fun with BeRoXM ;)

PS. For those who has ideas, I'm open for suggestions, feature requests,  better GUI design ideas, etc.

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