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Hey everyone!

I'm a small time game designer, working on my first retail game.
(Here's a video of it, demo will be available soon, and full retail version shortly thereafter)

Anyways, the game is just about done, except for one major thing.


And nothing's better than .mod files ;)

Are any of you willing to contribute some music for this game?
Your name would be mentioned in the credits, along with your website, or whatever you like. You would
also get a special mention in the opening credits.
(Plus all contributors get a free copy of the game  ;)  )



The Lobby / Hey! Nice to be part of the forum :)
« on: May 12, 2010, 00:58:53 »
Hey everyone!

Just joined the forum ;)

I'm a small time computer game designer, working on my first commercial game 'Ping Pong Battle'.

Its nearly done, but I'm badly in need of some music and I prefer .mod files.

I have 0$ cash until I get this game finished, so there is no way that I can pay much for music, but if
any of you would be willing to donate some for my game that would be great. I would mention your name
in the game credits and opening copyright info, provide links to your web site, whatever you like. Plus as
long as this game makes a little cash, I will be paying for music for my next game.

Here's a youtube video, of the game, and a demo will be coming shortly.(As soon as I get some music
for it, lol)

Thanks, and nice to meet you all!


Hey everyone!

Just joined the forum  ;D

I'm a small time game programmer, working on my first commercial game, Ping Pong Battle.
Well I got a handful of .mod music files that were included with the book 'game programming for teens', but
have no idea whether or not I can use them in a commercial game. Thus, I am in need of the forum to try
and track down these artists, at least some of whose songs are available on this site.

I am looking for the artists who made the following songs, so I can acquire their permission to use them in
my game  8)

(For those that are on this site, and have 'guessed artist' listed, I'll write his name after the song.)

Breath_Of_Heaven (Maverick) << Size = 97.7 kb

Children << Size = 98.0 kb

Lars << Size = 99.8 kb

EchoFunk << Size = 96.0 kb

Daytime (emax) << Size = 96.6 kb

Snippers (Located artist, awaiting a response)

Over_Heat << Size = 97.6 kb

Metalsynth (walkman) << Size = 99.4 kb

Expressway << Size = 96.7 kb

Everywere << Size = 98.2 kb

Around << Size = 96.4 kb

Japaneserock << Size = 97.3 kb

Thrashzone (Keith berry) << Size = 96.2 kb

Mumstajm (leinad) << Size = 97.0 kb

Chipchop2 << Size = 96.9 kb

Wasteland << Size = 101.0 kb

Robotron << Size = 97.0 kb

Setrox_Dance << Size = 97.2 kb

Yo_Freak << Size = 86.6 kb

theanvilchorus << Size = 98.4 kb

If anyone has any information on these the artists who wrote these songs, please post it. These songs
are awesome and I would love to use them in my game. Thanks!


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