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Feature Request Archive / Real Amiga ProTracker safe note limits
« on: April 12, 2013, 10:45:26 »
On real Amiga ProTracker, A-3 (or "A-5" in Fast Tracker II note naming, playback rate roughly around 28kHz) is actually the highest safe note, and A#3 and B-3 produce a grabled sound. I don't know if it's still the same with Amiga 1200, but at least on an Amiga 500, this is the case. It would be nice if MilkyTracker warned of these high notes, because nobody really wants to use them on something that will be played on an Amiga.

I'm working on 4 channel MOD, and because I hate crazy the Amiga pannings on headphones, I've set default pannings to mono. To try some alternative melodies, I added two extra channels, and pressed the Add button. When I play on the added channel, the sound is totally on the left, and not center like what the default pannings are still showing. I need to go to the default pannings and re-apply, in order to get the pannings to center.

My resampler is "Amiga 1200" btw.

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