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Tracking / Creating chiptunes with modern trackers
« on: December 06, 2006, 11:33:56 »
Hello! I've just begun my struggle to become a skilled chip musician, and I have chosen to work with the open source tracker Psycle because of various reasons, but mainly because of the interface (I'm sorry, but the FT2 kind of interfaces really frustrates me. I get nothing done with it).

So. I do want to create chip music, but my main concern is that Psycle is a bit too powerful. What if my samples are too good, or if the effects make my tunes sound like 32-bit tunes? I mean, that tracker is able to create commercially sounding trance songs, and that's not my intent.

What can I do in order to avoid going beyond the chiptune limits? Is it enough to just save my samples in 4-bit quality? Or do I have to read up on all the chip waves (the triangles and the squares..) and then carefully make sure to use only the right kind of waves together with the effects that were used back in the old 4-bit and 8-bit video game era?

What do you guys recommend? Another alternative could be to just create good music, but there is a certain charm in the chip sounds that I would like to achieve.

This is a question from a newbie, I'm sorry for that, but I really don't wanna miss this opportunity to create music.   :D

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