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Look what I made! / First song I made (MilkyTracker)
« on: September 28, 2013, 01:04:31 »
Hello people. First of all, since I'm new, I'm gonna go ahead and introduce myself. My nickname is Krydar, but I prefer to be called Kry. I started with MilkyTracker about a week ago. I found it thanks to a friend of mine who showed it to me.

I haven't got a MIDI keyboard, nor will in the near future.

Attached is the first song I made with MilkyTracker. Feel free to give criticism. It might not sound 'chippy' because I based it off a song I composed a long time ago that I didn't get to record.

The instruments were supplied by Brandon Walsh (JimWalshified on YouTube) and Woolyss.


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