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MilkyTracker Bug Reports / Sample offsets broken when saving .MOD
« on: December 06, 2013, 16:58:22 »
Hi, I've noticed a problem when saving .MODs under MilkyTracker .86 (I haven't noticed it in the last update, .85, so I assume it could be new.)

The samples have their offsets (data pointers?) shifted around, and a sample might have the first few bytes be the last few bytes of the previous samples. Like so:

Original file (MOD):

Milky-resaved file (MOD):

These images both show the same sample, and the bit added at the start is the end of the previous sample in the module.

Here are a couple of files, this is a song I've composed for a game using Lotus 3 samples. The song was composed in Milky by opening the original MOD and zapping the entire song to leave only the samples, I've saved it as a XM (fully abiding MOD limitations) then re-saved as MOD in OpenMPT. The second file is the song composed in Milky then saved straight to MOD. The difference is quite blatant from the first few seconds.

Let me know if there's any more info I can provide.

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