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Project / Coder's Corner / About the mod player issue
« on: June 10, 2014, 22:40:56 »
Hey, look what I found over there:

This thing is fully JavaScript functional, this means: no Java, Flash, nor any other heavy plugin required!

Although this player is kinda messy (normal for an experimental prototype), it does its work pretty well at playback for ProTracker modules. This player is supported by relatively recent browsers (at least the versions released after 2012 should support it).

Looking at its sources, I've found the mechanism used to play the rendered bytes. It can be used in a similar way as in JMod and even my NfmM MOD Player. So, if somebody could port the rendering components of JMod to JavaScript, we would have a chance to get a good replace for the current old Java player being used in ModArchive at the moment.

I'll try to move some logic from the JMod to a JavaScript module to see what I can achieve. I honestly had no idea that webkit would bring stuff for this purposes o.O . I may need to learn more sophisticated JavaScript meanwhile.

API Support / NfmM MOD Player - API Key Request
« on: December 13, 2013, 04:09:54 »
So... I know this forum is less active than the site itself, but I know I can ask anyway.

If you've checked the Software subforum, you'll had noticed a Mod Player I posted. It comes with a search tab which allows to select soundtracks from game hosted lists. This only works to get some random results, but it doesn't work in the way I'd like to (name search, and a wide repository to get the modules from); so I was wondering if I could get a level 3 access key, so I could implement direct module search through ModArchive (of course this means the site will get some advertisement ;) ). Although I distribute this software freely, I don't have exactly a lot of people using it, so I donĀ“t think the traffic will suppose a problem for now.

I'll be waiting for a response. Thank you very much.

PC Players / NfmM MOD Player
« on: December 13, 2013, 03:39:36 »
Hello everybody. My name is Dany, 18 years old. I'm from Lima, Peru; and one of the things I like to do is to develop software. I've created some apps so far and I'm getting more skilled in Java.

Meanwhile, as I noticed there is a software section in this forum, I just wanted to post my own application. It's a ProTracker/FastTracker/ModPlugTracker module (.mod) desktop player made for JavaSE 1.7 (aka Java 7).

Specifically speaking about it, it's a dedicated player made for use in conjunction with a online car game called Need for Madness, which uses this module format for its soundtracks. Actually, many people got to know this site due to the creator's advice of looking for some good soundtracks in ModArchive.

Have a little screenshot of the version 2.1 being developed:

Current features:
- Local .mod files and zipped mod files support, using the game's engine called ModSlayer (which I couldn't find anywhere, so I assume it was made by the same guy who developed such game, I should ask him about it anyway).
- Playlists: playback, saving, loading, creation of new playlists using online search in the servers of Need for Madness.
- Tailor-made swing components for the GUI.
- Self-updateable.

Under development:
- Rise the time limit per track from 6:45 to 8:00 minutes (or a bit more).
- Optimization of controls (mainly redirecting controls to the output mixer instead of the audio clip, to get an actual control over the volume instead of just adjusting the gain).
- Integration of the HiFi Look&Feel, available in the jTattoo skins package (what you can see in this preview).
- Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

More info & download:

By the way, does somebody here know where I can know more about the internal bytecode in .mod files? I want to extend the engine being used in the player for stuff like adding compatibility with more effects, fixing some sampling issues and so, because this engine is really great at rendering the audio data but it's not perfect reading samples and certain effects.

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