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Hi m0d, Saga Musix and fellow Admins,

I've finally pulled my finger out and decided to release some new tunes... after 6 years... :P

I go to log in to discover I must have created two accounts at some point... bad memory, can't recall doing that... but I trust that I would have been the one to do it due to being under the effect of various things that make you think that things like that are a good idea :P.

So, my question is: is it possible to merge two accounts? I noticed I have only one song in the most recent account, 82074, but all of my other stuff is on 69444. Obviously, I'd prefer to keep the 69444 account as it's got most of my stuff already there, and just move the one newer song over. However, to make things more annoying, I've only remembered my login details to the newer, 82074, account, and have no idea now what my email address or password would have been for the older one. I only use anymore, all of my old email addresses have fallen by the wayside.

I didn't want to upload another new song to further the split account problem, before sorting this out and just using one account. I'd be super rad norks excited to be able to put all my new stuff up, got about 20 in the works almost ready to go! Can't believe I've been so slack for so many years.

Thanks heaps guys for helping me out, if you can.

Andy Abstract (aka Davey Flop-It pre-2006)

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