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The Lobby / Live streaming tracking
« on: June 13, 2015, 15:56:45 »
If anyone is interested I've been live streaming tracking at These days when I am very busy with music making I stream just about every day, typically when the sun isn't up over the USA. ;)

The best way to catch the stream when it is online is to make an account and follow my stream, then you'll get an email when it goes online.

Drop by, listen in, and say hello! I'll see you there. :D

With a passion and energy that only comes from love, I wrote this music and put together this video through the month of March/2015. To date, have never put this much time into a single project. I hope you like it!  ;D

Software used for the music was SkaleTracker (yes, I'm stuck on this one, I'm so accustomed to the user interface and the features are sooo good, if not buggy sometimes!), then I did some audio mastering after transferring it into Ardour. Technically 100% Linux made (if you count using Wine for SkaleTracker Linux lol!)

The Lobby / Yet Another Returning Artist Post (YARAP!)
« on: March 20, 2015, 16:43:51 »
Hi there!
Some time ago I used to post modules here as "Xerion". Alas, time went by, I switched to SkaleTracker, and that sad artist page hasn't been updated in...well a very, very long time. ;)
I'd like to get access to update it again, if that is possible please.  ;D

Also I've been long putting off getting to know some more of the people in this scene, but I'm such a social recluse.  :rolleyes:


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