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The Lobby / Introduce yourself - aeroflot
« on: September 15, 2007, 13:28:23 »
Hi, I'm Teemu Kiiskilä aka Ernesto Aeroflot.

I've been using tracker-related software for over ten years now. I'm currently living in Northern Finland, the city of Oulu. During the years I've tried dozens of different music composing programs including Adlib Tracker, Scream Tracker, Jeskola Buzz, Midi Tracker, Soundforge and Cooledit. I started out with Whacker Tracker, which was quite a crappy tracker, and soon changed to Fast Tracker followed by Fast Tracker 2. Since then I've become familiar with software synthesis and currently my main instruments are Reason with Cakewalk Sonar. I'm still doing stuff with old software and freeware, such as Milky Tracker and Audacity. Open source is in my opinion one of the best things ever happened to music (and other) industry and art.

Cheesy synthesizers, four track recorders and crappy drum machines etc also turn me on. Some kind of limitations give creativiness an extra punch!

Just recently I started my own business and I'm now trying to make a living of making music. My company is called Not Even Productions and I'm aiming on combining rock, electronica, folk and techno.

Here are some samples of what I've been up to:

See you later on the forums!

MilkyTracker Feature Requests / Multiple audio outputs?
« on: September 15, 2007, 13:12:38 »
I just had an idea of taking advantage of multiple audio outputs in Milky Tracker.
Many soundcards have at least two separate stereo outputs, why not adding a multichannel support to Milky Tracker and thus making it a live instrument? You could use the first output to send audio into a soundsystem and the second to monitor the stuff.

The trickiest part is to decide how to manage what signals will be sent to the main out and what to the monitors (=user interface).. How about adding a "Monitor" selection to the spectrum analyzer, just like the "REC" selection. Check the attachment and you'll know what I mean.

It would be fun to use Milky in front of a live audience, but you don't want the crowd to hear you tweaking those samples and chip-loops, do you? :/

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