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I am using FastTracker 2 (version 2.10c) with my Retro-PC Compaq Presario SR1100SF and I am trying to make my M-Audio Oxygen 88 MIDI keyboard work with it. I am using YMF724F-V PCI sound card.

I don't know how to set it up. I have midi-gameport cable inserted between sound card and MIDI keyboard and I have successfully been able to play and record music with XG Works in WIN98SE. I have also been able to use my MIDI keyboard with AdLib Tracker 2 (version 2.3.52) but it seems record mode is not supported (this appears to be a limitation of AT2 and MIDI support is also removed in the later versions) but in this version I can hear the sound when I press keys from MIDI keyboard. INI -file had to be edited first to allow MPU-401 to be supported in AT2. I added port 330 and then it worked. It used UART mode. I have also tested Doom and used sound setup to enable General MIDI and music worked great using my Yamaha DD-65 drums audio output with midi-gameport cable for this test.

But I can't figure out how to setup FT2 for my MIDI keyboard in DOS mode (7.10) or Windows (98SE). I have tried both. Could my system be incompatible with FT2? Do I need an ISA sound card or MPU-401 ISA expansion card? If I do that would be a problem since my motherboard has no ISA slots.

Or is there something I need to enable in FT2 to make my MIDI keyboard work? I didn't find anything in the manual and tried some settings in the FT2 program but my MIDI keyboard just remained silent. I couldn't hear anything while enabling or disabling "Instrument MIDI enable" under "I.E.Ext.".

Or maybe my mpu-401 interface does not work with FT2? (I just ordered Aureal Vortex PCI sound card and it should arrive soon so I can also test If I can get my MIDI keyboard work with that instead.)

I also tried version 2.09 before with similar results.

Help is greatly needed!

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