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The Lobby / Broken module
« on: October 29, 2020, 15:36:52 »
Listening to some old 4-Mat chip modules I came across one that seems to be broken:

trap (pt.2)

There is also a trap (pt.1) at
This seems to be fine.

But part 2 is completely silent when I try to play it. I even tried to play in in EaglePlayer and Protracker on Amiga, but complete silence until you get a couple of minutes in, and you hear a single drum. Inspecting the samples in Protracker, it seems that only the first sample (the drum) is loaded. The rest are allocated and do take space, but they are all completely flat.

Loading the same module in OctaMED, the picutre changes somewhat: Now all samples seem to be populated, but the first sample is full of garbage, and the rest do no look correct either.

My guess is there is a broken data pointer somewhere in the MOD. Somebody more versed in the MOD file format could possibly fix this by correcting the relevant values. I did manage to fix it another way, though. Judging from the instrument names, pt.1 and pt.2 uses the same samples. The only reason the song is split in two is probably because of the number of patterns required to track the entire song. So I did the following:

1) Loaded pt.2 into OctaMED
2) Saved pt.2 as a MED song without samples
3) Loaded pt.1 in OctaMED. Now I have the song and all instruments loaded.
4) With pt.1 still loaded, I Loaded the MED I made in step of pt.2. It contains no samples, but I already have the samples loaded from pt.1, so OctaMED will just keep those in place and only load the song data.
5) Save as MOD.

BTW, the song is a conversion of a C64 SID by Ben Dagliesh, for the game Trap. The game even featured a special 2xSID stereo version recorded on side B of the tape!

Tracking / Impulse Tracker 2.15?
« on: October 13, 2020, 10:23:54 »
When playing some IT modules in Foobar with foo_openmpt plugin I noted that some tracks are reported as created by Impulse Tracker 2.15. I was a registered user, but I believe the last version I ever got was 2.14p4. Was 2.15 ever released, and what was new?

The Lobby / Rename files based on meta data
« on: July 24, 2020, 09:58:08 »
I have downloaded some module collections where the collectors have renamed the files, adding style, descriptions, years etc. I would like to remove these, and rename the files to their original names or something similar. Preferably by using the metadata of the file (title, format) and rename them en masse. Does such a tool exist?

Help me find that... / Good 8-channel Amiga modules?
« on: July 17, 2020, 15:49:12 »
The Amiga had only 4 hardware channels, so that's what most trackers used back then, but there were several attempts at programs using software mixing to achieve 8 channels. These include OctaMED, Oktalyzer and Startrekker. However it seems that this never really caught much on, and I haven't heard much good multi-channel material from the Amiga days. There's some of the TFMX stuff Chris Huelsbeck did for games, like the Turrican II title tune, and I also remember coming over some ambient stuff on Aminet by an aussie guy calling himself Orpheus. But apart from that I have not really found much worth listening to.

Can anyone recommend some _good_ multi-channel (5-8) tracker modules from the early Amiga days, preferrably for one of the mentioned trackers?

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