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after some months of development, I'm proud to present the package "Ultimate Tracker Support" (UTS) from Resistance:

If you want some background information about the different Amiga tracker types or you want to preserve the original sound of old tracker modules, then this is the right package for you.

A brief overview:

This package includes six different Shell tools coded in assembler for standard non packed Amiga tracker modules:

- WhichMOD V.1.5 detects main characteristics of tracker modules.

- UST2PT    V.1.4 converts Ultimate Soundtracker into Protracker modules.

- OST2PT    V.1.4 converts old Soundtracker into Protracker modules.

- ST2PT      V.1.3 converts Soundtracker into Protracker modules.

- NT2PT      V.1.0 converts Noisetracker/Startrekker into Protracker modules.

- SplitMOD   V.2.0 splits tracker modules into song and samples data files.

Twenty different replay routines for 000/0x0 CPUs as assembler sourcecodes:

- UST-Replay27_000_0x0  V.2.1 Ultimate Soundtracker

- DST-Replay6_000_0x0    V.1.0 (old) DOC Soundtracker

- DST-Replay9_000_0x0    V.1.0

- ST-Replay2.2_000_0x0   V.4.0 (old) Soundtracker

- ST-Replay2.4_000_0x0   V.4.1 Soundtracker

- NT-Replay2.0_000_0x0   V.4.1 Noisetracker

- PT-Replay2.3a_000_0x0  V.4.1 Protracker

- PT-Replay2.4_000_0x0    V.1.0

- PT-Replay3.0b_000_0x0  V.3.9

- PT-Replay3.1_000_0x0    V.1.0

Have fun with it... ;)


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