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MilkyPlay / quality differences
« on: October 19, 2007, 05:31:18 »

After age of dos trackers...
Some time a go I was using ModPlug software for scene music creating and listening.
This engine is very strange.
It sounds like some kind of filtering... maybe noise reduction.
Ye, ye... there was an option Noise Reduction, but was disabled.
If you had noised samples, you didnt heard it under ModPlug.

Once, i tried something like Dream Station.
Its synthesizer+sequencer in tracker like style.
I was so surprised when heard as detailed samples.
If in ModPlug, sound was so flat, here you could "touch" every sample.

I started searching (it was some years ago).
Most of play engines for scene was flat.

No mater what interpolation i use, the following engines are flat:
XMPlay (there are many fans, but please, dont kill me;))
Winamp (oh my... the most terrible player... The Master of Noise anyway;))
Foobar (player done for best quality, but like I heard, not for scene)
and many others...

What sounds detailed then (you can "touch" every sample)?
DeliPlayer (it rox, note playing is also very correct, supports many exotic formats too)
XMP (player for Linux console, it has problems with notes when IT format is playing, plugin

version for XMMS is different in quality, dont know why)
MilkyPlay for Pocket PC (i found only problems with correct IT playing)

Anyway, you dont need Hi-End audio to hear difference.
For listening, you can use just simple computer speaker system.
I didnt try 5.1 systems, because i dont like the way how it sounds (frequency is not

regular, bass is something like rumble, the "scene" is losted - thats why audiophils stayed

with stereo).

Here is a question for Milky engine author.
What did you apply?
How you did as clear sample playing?
Why most of players sounds flat?
Im still wondering.

P.S. because this is section for Pocket PC MilkyPlay, i suggest interested people to try

found difference in quality between MilkyPlay and for example WolfClock v3.0 (you can find

this on PPC freeware sites).
I believe that WolfClock use something like universal sound library for output.
Good thing in this software is that it plays IT format more correctly then Milky.

Im very interested what do you think about this all.
And please, dont write to me that this quality differences are just "suggestion".
I checked me out...
I can "solve" is there a player from real high quality sound list or not, with closed eyes.

MilkyPlay / IT - quasian mods
« on: July 23, 2007, 11:56:39 »
Quasian - Crimson Lotus:
too much pitch slide in main melody, piano and some other melodies

Quasian - Damask Rose:
looks like some samples are not played or maybe cutted

sorry, but i dont have enough time to analise it more precise.
hope you will take attention with that mods.
it maybe fix problems with other modules.
and like always, sorry for my bad english;)

p.s. 0.9.8 is really much better. hope there will be another release =)

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