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Tracking / Mimic Music Compo
« on: April 16, 2006, 00:40:59 »
I proudly bring you the Mimic Music Competition!

This is a competition in music creation, but unlike a normal contest the aim is not to create the best that you can, but instead to mimic the style of your fellow musicians. That's right! Pick a style of music you'd like to replicate and get to work. In the end your work will be judged on the usual merits like technical complexity and creativity, the more biased and subjective emotional value, and on interpretive qualities of your work. To win you have to compose well, make it pleasant to the listeners ear, AND truly capture the essence of the composer you are going to mimic. How's that for a challenge?

This invitation goes out to every musician reading this as well as regulars from the Modarchive, ModPlug, CTGMusic, Psycledelics, MadTracker and other communities.

To read more visit the website:

PS - Spread the word children.


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