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MilkyTracker Support / (Solved) 'Locked' .xm files on Windows 7
« on: February 20, 2010, 23:14:59 »

Up until today, I have been using v0.90.80, and I had not been running it as an administrator but had no trouble saving my songs. However, I noticed that anything new that I saved had a padlock icon, and that only MilkyTracker could detect these (they don't appear in Windows Explorer). Today I downloaded v0.90.85, which requires me to run it as the administrator in order to save files, but it cannot detect the 'locked' files saved in v0.90.80 even if I don't run it as the administrator. I redownloaded v0.90.80 and tried to copy the data in the 'locked' files from that over to v0.90.85, but to no avail. I was wondering if there is a way to, well, 'unlock' these 'locked' files so that they can be detected by Windows Explorer etc. as normal.

Any help is much appreciated :)

EDIT 05.03.10.: Eventually found out that I could access the files in Windows Explorer by clicking on the 'Compatibility Files' button that comes up next to the 'New folder' button (didn't see this before!), and then could just copy them over into my main MilkyTracker folder. Problem solved! :)

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