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In case the topic was not clear enough, I would like to see a quick option to change instrument numbers inside the pattern editor. Basically you would highlight the notes you want to change and then you would use a simple dialog to change the notes' instrument numbers to new instrument numbers.

After using Renoise for some time, which has this option/tool built in, this is the only thing that makes me pull my hair out of my head when using MilkyTracker. I usually like to test different samples for different melodies, and typing new instrument number for every note for this melody is just too much...

Somebody please tell me this has been already implemented somewhere inside MilkyTracker and I have just missed it completely...


So, it turns out this feature has been already implemented under Advanced Edit -> Remap Instrument. Somehow I have managed to miss this feature completely for all these years... Great!

Sampling / Re: Question about using samples in commercial products
« on: August 01, 2011, 23:33:54 »
vDumper refuses to convert samples to wav without crash. I am still looking for public domain samples. If someone knows more about them and is kind enough to share, I would be glad to take a look.

Thank you! I have been trying to figure out how to get this thing working. However, couple days ago the software stopped working completely, it crashes right away when I open it? I tried downloading it again but with no luck? Any similar experiences?

There is some host specifically designed for exporting VSTis to samples (with automatic loop points and everything), but I forgot its name and I can't check before the weekend (so Google might be faster than me).

That is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for! Can you remember is it freeware?

Other than that, you can simply export samples of VSTis in any tracker or sequencer, by simply placing one note in the pattern which lasts for a while.

Yes, I tested this method to get my samples into tracker, but if there is a program designed just for converting vsti to samples, I would really like to get my hands on it ;D No hurries with the name, I will try google too.

Thanks again for replying!

Thanks for the information! I played around with Synth1 a little bit and it seems to be pretty neat. Do you happen to know any freeware recording/editing software that supports vsti plugins? It would be cool if you could record your samples straight into some program and convert them to sample files.

How about creating some own samples with some (soft)synths?

I have been thinking of that, but then again, it is another time consuming learning process. I suppose I am free to use samples I create with freeware softsynths the way I want, no? Also, I have always loved the old school feeling of those samples you hear in amiga music. Can you suggest me any freeware softsynths for windows, or even better, tell me something about this process of making your own samples? It would be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you for posting. I still would not like to take the risk if it is not 100% sure. Do you happen to know any samples close to tracking that are free to use for every purpose?

Sampling / Question about using samples in commercial products
« on: July 08, 2011, 01:26:06 »
So lets say I have IPhone game which plays tracker tunes in the background of my game. However, these tracker songs uses ST-XX samples. Am I legally allowed to use these samples without saying a word to anybody? I believe not, and that is why I am here to ask this: Are there any completely free samples available, even for commercial use? I would really prefer small tracker samples like ST-XX. Thank you so much in advance!

MilkyTracker Tracks & Songs / Re: First ever songs.
« on: August 07, 2010, 03:43:30 »
I think you are doing pretty well with the melodies. The remaining part in these songs could use some rethinking? :D Maybe you should try some better samples instead of these beeps and bloops? Factory of the doomed has nice original drums though.

MilkyTracker Tracks & Songs / New song (st-xx)
« on: September 14, 2009, 00:20:40 »
New song called "Electro Gangster". I decided to try st-xx samples out and this is what I managed to produce. I think I did well enough, especially at patterns: 4-5 & E-F (My favorite part) :). Tell me what do you think about it?

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