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The Lobby / Back to Tracks
« on: January 24, 2010, 12:50:54 »

Hello !  :)

My name is Maxime Lorrai, as known as KurtZ. I live in France.

I've discovered soundtracked music when I was very young. One of my friend was a demomaker and showed me the usage of something like ProTracker. I immediately loved the concept. But I didn't had an amiga or atari computer at home and had to wait. Then I have discovered a software called FastTracker 1, that was running on MS-DOS and my little I286 pc computer and a basic soundblaster card ; later Fast Tracker II appeared and  was my kind of music software. I've built a few lo-fi sample based musics with those two softs (around 30). I've first spread a few modules through dedicated local magazines. Then, when internet started to raise I've converted it to mp3 and shared it for free through emerging mp3 sites. I've met some nice people and we shared music, mutually remixed our compositions, great moments.

Unfortunately the developpement of Fast Tracker was discontinued, and the PC scene progressively adopted Windows based solutions, like ModPlug Tracker. Modplug Tracker was highly capable in terms of import/export or playback quality. But too bad, I didn't liked the interface and just used it for playback export or little changes/optimizations. I've tried MadTracker, that introduced the automation concept, but had a playback bug with it, (a few notes/rows were skipped, I never knew why). Then I've tried then sk@le (coming soon) tracker  ;), and arguru's noisetrekker (now it has become ProTrekker). I really liked the noisetrekker concept, with he built-in effets, and the built-in synth, and even a built-in 303 bass. Unfortunately, noisetrekker wasn't able to deal with my MIDI keyboard, use VST, or VSTis, nor import / export modules from other trackers. Sk@le was partially able to do it, but wasn't stable at all. I experienced a lot of crashes. I started to compose switching between one solution to another, but that method was too boring. I finally lost interest for the trackers scene and trackers news. I decided to play music with my M-Audio Oxygen MIDI keyboard, connected to free VST/VSTi hosts for instant pleasure, without recording anything.

Now 10 years have passed since I've started to share my tracked music. I've discovered that my old xm modules weren't released anywhere in their native file format. And I decided to store them in this public archive. I appreciate the internal java player. During the upload, I installed and successfully tested MilkyTracker, that is an honorable and stable multi-port of Fast Tracker 2 (with balls on accurate XM playback), and most of all Renoise 2 (a stable solution, combining what I liked in NoiseTrekker and Sk@le Tracker, instant love and registration).

Now there is a bad new, since I waited too much something better in the trackers scene, and didn't practised a lot those last years, I've forgot all my tracking skills ha ha ha, and even some basic techniques. Yep, I became a newbie.  :P

Thanx for reading and see you soon.


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