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The Lobby / Help keep the archive alive!
« on: February 22, 2007, 20:42:35 »
Thanks for the feedback m0d,

I hadn't heard of plopbox, thanks for pointing it out.. Looks interesting :) I was thinking of using the fmod library ( and the java fmod wrapper ( for actually playing the mods.

This does limit it to a standalone application instead of an applet though, but I won't worry about the applet thing right now.. Perhaps when I'm feeling like serious challenge I'll look into that.. :D

Also, regarding licensing of the app, I'll probably be publishing it under GPL or LGPL..

Regarding the comments :

That makes sense and i'm happy to work it that way round - to open a simple browser window that could point to TMA, have the user login and take them to a comment/rate spot on TMA itself? That way you get to control what that part of it will look like.

Viewing comments, top 10 lists, etc :

I could handle that in the same way as the comments, so that it opens up in a mini browser window where you can show the ads along the top? (clicks on those ads would open up in a normal browser window)


I'll see when I can get an app together then I'll post again to get some integration with TMA going.  I desperately need to build something to organise my mod collection though.. i hate losing songs i really enjoyed!

The Lobby / Help keep the archive alive!
« on: February 22, 2007, 15:02:04 »
Hi Eagle :) thanks for the welcome ^ ^.

I see what you mean, I guess how I mean is that I wouldn't update my blog if it wasn't for the integration of blogging into flock. In the same way, I would be more encouraged to comment about a song if it was a simple 'comment on TMA' button inside my player.

Oh, and 'Java based' as in, not inside your browser, but a standalone desktop application. :) just in case there's confusion there. I was thinking of a seperate widget for websites to integrate some more.. :)

hmm, i can only find a flash based modplayer on the forums? maybe i'm not looking in the right places.

Anyway, I guess I'm a little off-topic now - Maybe I'll draw up some kind of document outlining the details of what I want to do and post it in a new thread so everybody else can throw in their 2c :)

The Lobby / Help keep the archive alive!
« on: February 22, 2007, 13:24:36 »
I've been pondering on that same issue - I would like to rate/comment on songs fairly often, but actually having to open my browser, go to, find the song, comment on song is just too demanding on my time (i usually have two or three other things i'm busy doing at the time when i hear a mod i'd like to comment on)..

How keen would you be on the idea of a modarchive integrated player? I'm looking to build something (based on the Java platform) for properly managing my mod collection, and if it could integrate neatly with modarchive, I'd be over the moon.

Some key integration idea's I've had :

 - Rate/comment a song
 - View ratings/comments for a song
 - View the top 10 lists (today, this week, month, etc)
 - Browse modarchive directly, download a song directly into your library and play it

Another little thing I'd like to figure out it a 'currently playing' applet or something that I can put in my blog, so readers can listen to my currently playing/last played song, downloaded from modarchive (with a link to there, of course).

Anyway - let me know what you think :)

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