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Hi guys,

I run a game development tutorial blog and I'm want to branch out from programming tutorials to cover in game music.

For the job, I'd like a really good chip-tune artist to compose a piece which should be playable with this player: in the style of turrican 2 / 4mats intro tunes.

On top of that, I'd like said artist to produce a written tutorial covering their creative process, describing how they went about producing the music.

I can pay $300 for the right candidate.

The blog I run is here:

Please contact me with examples of your previous chip tunes :)

Cheers, Paul.

It would help yourself to provide links:

It's likely that there is pretty much nothing to go on. Chances of bumping into the artists are pretty much 0.

Ooop, thanks :)

What a shame - I guess these two were uploaded by a third party, not the original artists, then?

Cheers, Paul.

Hi guys,

Does anyone have contact details for the artists who wrote either of these mods?

Looking to enquire about licencing... :)


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