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Help Support Topics Archive / [topic closed: Retard Alert]
« on: May 30, 2008, 05:03:06 »
sorry thats a poor pm you gave me here....

You really need to get your facts straight. I left a reply to your moaning post on your welcome thread, and
Still I have yet to receive contact from you.

You are the first person who has had issues that has NOT contacted me, and I can tell you the problem is
sitting between your keyboard and chair.

If you want help, ask for it. Don't go posting around on the forums complaining about it, especially when
you haven't even taken the advice offered to you both directly from me, and that is available in the help
forum. (re: Cant log in).

Now, quit your moaning and do something constructive like telling me what your problem is so that I can help.

well ive already said what i said to you in the pm i sent you about my problem and the steps i took from your
faq, which didnt work, sorry, so i give up on you and people just like you,
... sorry but im going to keep moaning and groaning to people just like you
because you keep sending messages like the pm you gave me....anyway ill go forever help the people who
will help me now and forever...thanks for the pm you gave me gives me more push into giving my self more time
on composeing music than wasting my time on things like you...

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