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MilkyPlay / Want Python interface to MilkyPlay
« on: March 16, 2009, 02:59:30 »
I've been trying to build a Python interface using SWIG. I only started learning C and never programmed in C++ before.

I literally just cat'd the header files and removed sections of code that failed to compile in the SWIG C wrapper. I got it to work but when I try to play or export something, no sound is heard and the pattern and row numbers stay at 0. It shows up in PulseAudio but its not playing anything. Any ideas? I have the files I used attached.

In the end, it would be nice to have a python interface to play notes on-the-fly and maybe even edit a module.

MilkyPlay / MilkyPlay on a Nokia Internet tablet
« on: November 13, 2008, 05:44:52 »
I wanted an accurate module player but so far MilkyPlay is the best. Audacious wasn't a good solution since the XMP and ModPlug plugins arn't accurate at all for some mods. So, I wrote a quick python script to play files shuffled using MilkyPlay. (Script located here:

But then I thought, Debian builds armel versions of everything, why not put MilkyPlay on my N810? So I forced the MilkyTracker package to install on my N810 using dpkg -i on the package. Althought it had dependency errors, it still works. Then, I copied my script over and luckily, some other program installed python already so I didn't need to look for a working python package. And it works nicely. :D

Attached is a screenshot of it in action.

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