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MilkyTracker Community / Re: Stereo-Files
« on: June 18, 2008, 16:27:40 »
Aloha Kmuland ...
thank you for tips. With Drums and Percussion, I can well imagine. What I still do not understand. What is at the synthesizer? They are stereo.
Do I not something fundamental?

I sample a VSTi as stereo output. In real life the output of synths is stereo.
How do you do? Do you take only one channel of the sample and drop the other?

How do you work on leads and pads?

MilkyTracker Community / Re: Stereo-Files
« on: June 15, 2008, 12:28:01 »
Aloha ...

Thanx for your answer and of course for the nice peace of software.  I like the look of it. 20 years ago i have had a small time with tracker. Now the evolution of the music-making-software explode and tried some piano-roll-sequencer. I was not so creativ with it. It was boring. I think about the past and about the fun making music on an amiga.
Yes. That was a sign for me. I will have a nice time yet. Without thinking to get a record-deal. I am not so good to release my tracks. I will now make music for funn and a good time.

In which way you realise a stereo-track? Do you compose only with mono tracks and make some panning? I have alot questions. step by step. *hehe*

It will helpful to know how are other tracker think about stereo files.

BamBooli  :)

MilkyTracker Community / Stereo-Files
« on: June 14, 2008, 23:30:21 »
Aloha ...

I am new to tracking. I load Milkytracker and find it nice. But one thing i dont manage. I will load a stereo-sample, but i dont know how i can manage it in milkytracker.

Please help.


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