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Wanted: Music for Projects / Yet another action shooter..
« on: October 22, 2008, 13:46:30 »
Hi all!

I'm looking for tracks for an arcade shooter.  The game will be shareware, but this is work for credit only (and full copies of the finished game for you and your friends of course!)

I'm not looking for exclusive rights or ownership or anything else underhand.  All I ask is that you are the original artist (no stolen samples etc) and that you have the right to grant me distribution rights as part of the game package.  All files are published as part of an encrypted archive so people will need to visit your site to find the actual files (the archive thingy isn't hacker proof [nothing is] but it locks your files away from 99% of prying eyes).

I've contacted people directly in the past, and I'm still doing so, but some files are quite old and you know it can be difficult to reach the artists.

If you need any other info or would like a beta copy of the game for inspiration (when it's ready) please post below.


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