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MilkyTracker Tracks & Songs / Re: I Can Fly! a module by poguemahon
« on: December 04, 2008, 05:52:35 »
Hmm, sounds strange to me  :o . Why not try to create a simple but catchy melody for it? O_o Like in this happy chiptunes. It may fit well for a song called like your one. :)


MilkyTracker Tracks & Songs / Re: Underground Computer
« on: December 04, 2008, 05:47:09 »
Oooh, that one sounds dark  :) And you show, that you understand, how to handle this volume and effect collumns etc. - very good. It may fit into a game like mario or such for the underground levels  ;D

a good first one *thumbs up*


MilkyTracker Tracks & Songs / Re: First try
« on: December 03, 2008, 12:51:35 »
Well done, djodin.

The bassline reminds me of something i know. maybe it's the amiga game "Leavin' Teramis" or other game, that i don't remember now musically  :o


MilkyTracker Community / Re: New to MilkyTracker and music creation
« on: December 03, 2008, 06:59:19 »
Yes, first you need Samples, because without Samples, you have nothing to handle with, musically. After you found or created your fav. samples, that you need for your song, you can create Instruments out of this Samples, e. g. tell Milkytracker, that the leadsound should pan between left and right output a bit and vibrate in pitch etc.

What i really can recommend, is the trackers handbook, wich can be found here: It tells you what a tracker is and how to use it + gives you some tips etc.

Using the FruityStudio Demo to create Samples from the Synths is really a good idea, poguemahon!


MilkyTracker Community / Re: very very newb
« on: November 01, 2008, 16:40:33 »
Thx raina ^_^

Well, i made a little and rough example what you can do to avoid the beep-like sound in your chip-songs @teenagejesus.

Here it is:

the first Pattern (00) shows the beep sound (in this case a square-sound), Pattern 01 shows the same with a Vibrato Effect and Pattern 02 with a Tremolo Effect. The Vibrato lets the Sound vibrate in frequency and the Tremolo lets vibrate it in Loudness. :)

Hope it helps you :)


MilkyTracker Community / Re: very very newb
« on: November 01, 2008, 13:29:41 »
Hello teenagejesus,

this is what i found for ya:

It shows Chipping Techniques and the Sample-length thing.
Your Sample should be a multiple of 8 in hex-length, e. g. 64 to be tuned to e. g. C-4  :)

If you need a more typical chipsound then just a beep, you have to use effects for that beep sound in the effects collumn.

For typical Chip-Chords please try:

Code: [Select]
C-4 1 40 047
--- - -- 047
--- - -- 047
(and so on)
(The first thing - C-4 - is the Note you want to hear; 1 is the Instrument number; 40 the volume of the Note and 047 is the Chip-Chord - maybe you want to use 037 for a variation)

Maybe you want to download some nice chiptunes and learn from looking at how they are done? As a good example in MOD Chiptunes, here is the her-Collection:


PS: you need to define a starting and end point for your chipsample-loop (e. g. for forward loop)

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