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NitroTracker Feature Requests / some features to help reduce file size
« on: February 19, 2009, 10:22:45 »
i've found that a lot of my songs end up becoming massive files as i constantly re-edit them and take them in totally different directions.  along the way, i end up with more instruments and patterns than i need, which increases the file size, and, the bigger the file size, the more ram needed to process, the more problems i run into.  sometimes when i save a big file, it freezes or ends up creating garbage patterns and i lose a lot of progress. or "not enough RAM to open file" or whatever that message is.
even if i save new instruments/patterns over old ones, or cut out the wav sample, i can never fully delete an instrument/pattern and, from my user-end POV, it seems that this creates big-file/RAM problems.
i would love a function that zaps individual instruments and patterns.

yeah ive got some ftp space to host them on but that'll get done after the holidays.

i'll try to get some XMs uploaded soon.

take it easy

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