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I'm guessing that it loads the samples to the DS RAM and this message means that the .wav is too big. 

If this is indeed the case, is there any way that I can have it read the samples directly off of my sd or use a portion of the micro sd as extra RAM? (I don't know whole lot about different types of memory, so please excuse any dumb questions). 

It seams like the majority of samples that will actually work sound like nintendo samples.  There are a small amount of samples from the Berklee Sampleing archives that I can use, but most of the synth samples won't load. 

NitroTracker Support / Samples aren't working after improper save
« on: January 09, 2009, 03:06:55 »
I had a bunch of samples that I downloaded from the berklee sample archives.  I picked loaded a bunch of them up to use in a sequence and saved it, but rather than selecting SMP, I selected SNG when I saved it.  Now a whole bunch of the sample that I had loaded up don't work.  Also, when I clicked on a sample in the loading screen, it would play it for me.  Now I have to hit one of the keyboard keys to hear it.  Is there any way to reverse this. 

Oh wait, none of them work now. 

If I click on any of the samples, it plays the same noise for all them. 

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