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Hey guys!! Renoise user here and hopefully to be a NitroTracker user ;). So here's the question.. I have a Slot-1 card given to me by my brother and the 8gb sdhd card that came with is in use with all my fav. misc. games =( However I have a Regular SanDisk 1gb MicroSD that was used for a blackberry that I no longer use.. so my question is.. FIRST will this work or do I need to go out and buy a seperate sdhd card and.. is the actual "os" type thing that loads when, say, I turn on my racked sdhd card versus whn I turn on a authentic game stored on my mini disk or the actual slot-1 card that gets put into the DS? Im asking this because I want to know if I am going to screw up my games if I install this nitro or if its gunna be ok and different per minicard i put into the slot-1. = P
Sorry and thanks ahead of time =D I cant wait to get into this new world of homebrew hopefully oneday ill even write my own program =D!!!!


MilkyTracker Support / Milkytracker on xbox
« on: January 26, 2010, 19:22:52 »
How would i go about installing milky on my xbox?  ???

 :evil:niNja_pWn3d :evil:

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