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tracker means is to be opposite to sequencing and pianoroll stuff

use normal sequencer then

did'nt you read my first post at all. :|

i would like to anternate between both sequencing and tracking, without having to use two different programes which save as two completely different filetypes.

and thanks guys, that programme is ok, but quite basic

The Lobby / Re: [Game] Word association thread
« on: February 25, 2010, 11:39:22 »

Hello there fellow sequencers.

I have just joined the site, in hope that you guys can help me out.

I have been composing music for several years, and I came across Milky Tracker around 2 years ago.
Ever since then, I have been composing my music on Sequencers and Trackers.

This is something that would help me out a ton.

If Milky Tracker had a Piano Roll, I would be over the moon. you see I often switch between both, because I feel that my abilities are better on Sequencers, but then on other days, I feel I create better peices on Trackers.

Is this possible? if not, are there any other Trackers that have piano rolls as an optional feature, and can understand .mod format?


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