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The Lobby / Molasses: Shazam for Module Music
« on: August 01, 2015, 03:25:58 »
I've been interested in searching for music modules that I knew were used in some YouTube videos for a while but only recently realized that this was feasible for large collections of modules e.g. the modarchive.

I recently hacked together a Python script using the dejavu project that is capable of (slowly) searching through large libraries of music modules with nearly 100% coverage. On an i5-2520M, it's possible to search through the entire 2007 snapshot of archive in ~4 days.

Here's a short demo video showing how the search process works:
Of course, in practice this takes a lot longer due to the sheer number of modules.

I'm also open to pull requests if people want to make the project an actual thing or just clean up the interface.

If you have a wav/mp3 sample of a module you're desperately trying to find, let me know and I'll see how much CPU time I have to spare.

If you're interested in the backstory of how this came together, there's a long blog post here:

I've tried searching and browsing by genre, but the sheer number of files on this site is overwhelming...
has anyone heard the the track used in this video before?

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