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MilkyTracker News / Milkytracker now available on Haiku
« on: November 27, 2012, 00:34:12 »
MilkyTracker now runs natively on the Haiku operating system, thanks to Jua for the port.

The following bugs and issues have been confirmed for MilkyTracker release v0.90.85:

  • New. Add channels: doesn't apply the default pannings (see here) Fixed.
  • New. One-shot samples play incorrectly (see here) Fixed.
  • 0xy arpeggio replay difference comparing to FT2 when song speed is 16 or higher. Fixed.
  • New. Freeze on exit when running MilkyTracker in a directory where it does not have write permission. Fixed.

  • New. Failure to load certain non-xm file formats correctly when running MilkyTracker in a directory where it does not have write permission.
  • New. Milkytracker switches to song playback when changing patterns in live mode whilst using pattern playback mode. Fixed.

  • Certain hot words in song titles may still cause incorrect module format detection.
    • Just report the cases.
  • E3x glissando control is not implemented.
  • E4x vibrato control is not implemented.
  • E7x tremolo control is not implemented.
  • Portamento overflow "effect" isn't reproduced.
  • Simultaneous E6x pattern loop and EEy pattern delay replay differs from Ft2.
  • Slight replay differences when volume column effects are used in conjunction with EDx note delay
  • Volume ramping checkbox isn't cleared and dimmed when using Amiga resamplers for playback.
    • Volume ramping is always off for Amiga modes

Fixed. = Fixed in the following release.
New. = Added since v0.90.85.

MilkyTracker Support / FAQ: BPM/SPD/Rows/Ticks etc
« on: March 07, 2010, 10:48:04 »
People are often asking how these 4 are related, so I thought I'd type up a quick forum post to explain:

In ye olde days back on the Amiga, trackers used the VBL interrupt for timing (the Vertical BLank is the time in which a CRT has finished drawing the image and is resetting the beam position back to the top-left of the screen).  In Europe, the VBL interrupt was effectively a nice stable 50Hz timer.

So, a player routine would use this 50Hz timer to update the values in the Amiga's sound chip (named Paula): frequency, sample address & volume.  This was the shortest amount of time in which these parameters could be modified and was known as a 'tick'.  On the Amiga, a tick occurs at 50Hz and therefore has a duration of 20ms.

Obviously this is much too fast to playback a song (50Hz = 3000bpm!) so it had to be subdivided.  This is where the SPD (speed) parameter comes in, this controls the number of ticks that occur before the pattern advances to the next row.  Typically this is set to 6, meaning that 6 ticks will occur for every row of a pattern.  Using 4 rows per beat, this equates to 4 X 6 = 24 ticks per beat.  We know that the standard tick duration is 20ms (for a 50Hz timer), so 24 X 20 = 480ms per beat, translating this to Beats Per Minute:

60 / 0.480 = 125BPM

Which coincidently, is the default BPM setting of Milkytracker :)

Later versions of Amiga trackers added an option to use the Amiga's CIA timer interrupt instead of the VBL, this could be programmed to different frequencies enabling the tick duration to be altered.  Altering the tick duration allows the BPM to be set to user defined values instead of being fixed at 125BPM, therefore the BPM setting was added.  The Fasttracker II manual explains it thus:

The BPM setting defines how fast (ticks/second) the music player will run. 125 BPM<-> 50 Hz. Number of player ticks/second = BPM*2/5

Converting this value to a duration is easy:  Tick duration (ms) = 2500/BPM.


In Europe, Amiga's were designed for the PAL TV standard which updates at 50Hz.  In America, the NTSC standard was used at 60Hz.

Milkytracker does not use a fixed timer interrupt like the Amiga players do, instead it updates the tick value every x samples (where x is a calculated value that corresponds to the equivalent timer frequency).  Due to the granularity of both timer interrupts and sample speeds, the BPM value is almost never 100% accurate; there is usually an error of <1BPM.  This can cause problems when using trackers with other music software which may have a true BPM setting.

MilkyTracker News / MilkyTracker 0.90.85
« on: January 02, 2010, 01:32:37 »
MilkyTracker 0.90.85 has been released  ;D

Get it here.


MilkyTracker News / MilkyTracker 0.90.85 Release Candidate
« on: December 28, 2009, 02:18:28 »
Greetings  ;D

It's been 20 months since the last release of MilkyTracker, which means it's about time for a new version :)

The plan is to release the new version Real Soon, but before we do that we could do with some help testing the release on the various different computer setups out there - hence this "Release Candidate".  The following links point to binaries for the most popular platforms:

Windows (2000 or later)
OSX 10.6
OSX 10.5
Ubuntu x86 Requires libzzip and libsdl (this may also run on other GNU/Linux systems)

These archives contain only the MilkyTracker binary/executable.  MilkyTracker should be able to run from whatever directory it is unpacked into.

For other Unix/Posix systems, the SDL version of MilkyTracker can be built from the following source archive:


Note: This source is intended is intended for the SDL version only, it may not contain all the files necessary for the Windows/OSX builds

I would be grateful if you could spend some time testing this release candidate.  I'm especially interested in whether the SDL version builds cleanly on the multitude of supported platforms.

For your information, a preliminary change log is available here.

MilkyTracker Bug Reports / Windows 7 - Milkytracker freezes on exit
« on: December 22, 2009, 20:10:10 »
...for about 8 seconds, then it quits normally.

Using DirectSound (RtAudio4) audio driver.  Tried to switch to WaveOut (Vista) but it froze indefinitely.

Not a major issue, but does anyone else experience this?

MilkyTracker Support / Documentation
« on: December 07, 2009, 13:52:39 »
It seems that this topic is raised often, so here is a link to all MilkyTracker documentation that I am aware of:
Main site (note, the keyboard shortcuts are shown in detail on the quick reference PDFs). The FT2 manual is a very useful guide, make sure you read this :)
In progress - DasKreestof's MilkyTracker documentation project.
Detailed explanation of sample sizes to use for hand-drawn instruments.
The relationship between BPM/SPD/ticks/rows explained.
"Brandon Walsh Milkytracker / Chiptune Tutorial" - the first in a series of video tutorials.
"multi8bit" Learning MilkyTracker tutorial series

Just in case you missed it in the main form:

Click here.


MilkyTracker Feature Requests / MPTM Support
« on: July 31, 2007, 12:03:03 »
I noticed that Milkytracker doesn't seem to support the industry standard Modplug tracker format: MPTM.  Any chance of adding this for the next release? It seems a serious ommision.

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