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MilkyTracker Bug Reports / EDx and note-off replayer bug
« on: February 02, 2009, 21:36:13 »
When using the EDx command and a note off (caps lock) directly on the row after, the volume envelope position "inherites" the notedelay, so to speak. When placing the note off more than one row below the EDx command, the same thing does not happen.

It is possible to workaround by using the Kxx command which can do a delayed note off to achieve the desired effect.

(I hope this is not a dupe or a confirmed ft2 behaviour. Please remove in that case.)

MilkyTracker Support / Re: First time chiptuner here help pls?
« on: January 18, 2009, 21:50:29 »
In my opinion,
The best thing you can to is to start with downloading this selection of XM chiptunes:

From these tracks you can watch how effects and techniques are being used, and you can rip instruments by using the save/load buttons above the instruments list. Or even use the "zap" button to erase "song" while keeping samples/instruments.

You navigate through sounds primarily by selecting instruments in the instrument list (shift-arrowup/shift-arrowdown). Soon enough you should start creating your own sounds.

1. In "Smp. Ed." (ctrl-s), right click on the empty sample and select "new". A dialogue let you choose the size of your sample, and i suggest using a size of 64 bytes as default.

2. Select "Forward" in the middle bottom area of the screen. This sets a normal sample loop.

3. Now, to fill the empty sample with some kind of waveform, you will have two options:
   A) Right click on the sample area and select one of the waveforms in "Generators"
   B) Hold shift while using your left mouse button to draw in the sample area.

Once you have done any of this you will have a chip sound by using your keyboard.

4. Use "Ins. Ed." (ctrl-i) to chance parameters like panning and vibrato. Try this:
 Tick "on". Then start moving the dots far up left in the matris using your mouse. You are now editing the volume envelope and your sound should change accordingly.

Let me know if there are any problems or if there is anything else i can help you with.

I am taking a long shot here, but this is a feature i would be much in need of. Remapping instruments is way too tedious using the mouse IMHO.

I am doing a lot of OHCs (one hour compos) and would benefit much from being able to remap instruments using the keyboard. I am constantly using instrument doubling for detuned delays and detuned stereodoubling, trying to keep up mixing wise with my fellow contestants using the .IT format.

My need would be a function similar to the track transpose shortcut (shift-f1/shift-f2) that will increase/decrease the instrument number of a track, affecting the instrument that is currently selected in the instrument list. This would be fast enough for me.

Any chance of this to happen, or is there already a function that fulfils my needs?

The Lobby / greetings!
« on: June 23, 2008, 14:09:01 »
i'm tracking newschool chip music using milkytracker. well.. most people probably wouldn't call it chip music, but at least i try restraining myself to maximum 100kb nowadays.

me, ko0x and mano call ourselves "satanic kids enterprise". check us out on .. i've never been in any other group as a musician, but people sometimes recognize me, probably because my old chiptunes were available on

i also hang out on and #modarchive (

i play the piano for fun, and my dream is learning mixing/producing (damn hard) and use renoise to make pop music with lots of chip sound/feeling to it.

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