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Help me find that... / Looking for this mod (old recording incl.)
« on: January 14, 2021, 23:49:53 »
I went through a bunch of old cassette tapes from the 90s and found this mod that I've been looking for ever since. Any idea of the artist + song? It's like a mod rock ballad with nice digital guitar solo  :D

I'm on the hunt for a specific synth sound that I've, in the past, heard in a couple of MODs. You can hear the sound in this track from the movie "Hackers":

Sound starts at 0:12 min and you can definitely hear it more prominent at 1:50 min.
Maybe you're so hardcore that you might even know which synth the sound comes from?


Ahhh thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!  :D ;D :angel:

I opened a keygen...oh love and of the most beautiful mods I've ever heard in my entire life (if not thee most)  :o :o I really wanna find the maker and the song's name of this one! (mp3 inside .7z file included)

The keygen I opened was labeled "AiR Keygen - Applied acoustic systems keygen" for a drop down list of music apps. The keygen looks similar to this one:

Kind regards

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