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Thanks nikku4211!

MilkyTracker Support / A few questions about timing and effects
« on: June 02, 2019, 21:37:11 »
Hello, all. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me with the following questions.

Firstly, what is the maximum value that can be used in adjusting volume and effects in their respective columns?

Secondly, is there anywhere a clear explanation of the relationship between Spd, BPM and effects? I've read that Spd is the number of ticks per row, and BPM refers to the speed of the ticks. But to give one example of what I'm aiming to understand: If you are doing a portamento to note, is it possible to calculate, based on Spd and BPM, exactly the effect value needed to reach the note within a desired number of rows?

Thanks for reading, and for any help you might be able to offer!

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