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Help me find that... / Re: Name that tune (x15) (mid 90s?)
« on: January 24, 2021, 20:46:50 »
Thanks a lot, that's awesome!

I've edited the OP to include that information.

I'd included this information in the reddit post, which I thought was funny/interesting (to me, at least):

How did I get 15 songs with no tags of any kind? I was downloading lots of songs around 2000, but I was making mix tapes from my computer to cassette tapes. A decade later, I got some random tapes turned into CDs so I could get rid of the tapes. A decade later, I cut the songs off those CDs into separate MP3s so I could listen to them again. This is also why there is distortion on some of the songs! The magnetic tape was not kind to some songs...!

Help me find that... / Name that tune (x15) (mid 90s?)
« on: January 24, 2021, 05:53:50 »
Cross-posting from r/chiptunes at the suggestion of someone there.

Hey all,

I have some songs on my playlist that are completely missing any kind of identifiable information that I'd love help identifying! They are all from the 90s and I think most might be famous/notable from the time period.

And here are 4 that I either knew, or someone on Reddit helped identify!


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