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Sampling / Re: Sample Synthesis
« on: February 07, 2008, 13:16:55 »
Sounds Designer seems to be the sort of thing I'm after. Though it seems it'll take a lot of experimentation to get anything particularly usable out of it.

I'm also aware of the sample editor in MT, but I appreciate the suggestion.

With SD2 (running on my trusty DOS beast) and the Milky Tracker editor, I'm well equipped to make chiptunes. What I'd really like to know now is how to produce effects that can be used for more generalised electronica. For example a trance, futurepop/EBM or Euro-dance track. Percussion, bass, vamp leads, and all that other tasty ear-candy.


Sampling / Sample Synthesis
« on: February 05, 2008, 14:14:19 »
Can anyone suggest some good software for producing my own samples, rather than scrounging around the web for pre-existing ones. I've been experimenting with Psycle and VSTi plugins with some interesting results, but this approach doesn't seem too sample-friendly (i.e. easily exportable to a wav/mp3 file and usable as a sample within a tracker). I've been stuck on this for a couple of years, and it's driving me insane. Any ideas?


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