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Author Topic: Issue 7  (Read 3588 times)

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Issue 7
« on: December 08, 2007, 23:09:09 »


Soon: New Site Version

As reported in the previous news entry, there is ongoing work in bringing online a new version of the site. It is currently in test phase (thus not available to the public) at the moment. Unsurprisingly, when you get to see it it won't look to much different from the current design at a quick glance. However, deep within you will find quite a few design and feature improvements as well as bunch of new features, although the main recoding has been done under the bonnet on parts you will never see but will always need :)

As a bi-product of this development (an XML API-style interface), some new possibilities are on the horizon for syndicating content to other sites. Interesting. But not actually concrete yet.

Well, that'll be all for now, just thought I'd let you folks know that things are never at a standstill here, at least not for me :) I expect to have the new version of the site in production before the new year, hopefully... could be sooner depending on how well testing goes.


P.S A donation towards the hosting costs wouldn't go amiss. The site really does need those! :)

Novus Compo Update

November's overall results for The Novus Compo are posted, and your winner is Poolside with "Let It Live"! Congrats to Josh and Marshall. :) And of course with the end of November comes the start of December's mini-compos! 25 piping hot songs have been split up into 5 genre-based mini-compos, and all that sonic goodness is just waiting for your votes! And once you vote, you'll be eligible to enter January's round as well. Get your keister over to The Novus Compo and vote today!


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