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Author Topic: Lost a tune?  (Read 15041 times)

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Lost a tune?
« on: January 06, 2008, 15:45:49 »

    So you lost a tune and can't find it? If you have
some information about it, you may still be able to find it. This is how I proceed in general:

1. Have a look here at the modarchive. Search for "guessed artists", the song name and the filename. You know there was a special sample in the module and you remember the instrument's / sample's name? You can also search for sample and instrument names as well as .IT comments. Furthermore, it is possible to filter modules by file size, mod type and many other criterias.

2. If you have not found anything, proceed with the same actions on the following scene sites:
  • AMP - Mostly Amiga modules, but also a lot of XM files.
  • - Here you may have luck and find a few rare modules!
  • ModLand - One of the biggest module archives online. Thanks to exotica, there's a search frontend as well.
3. If you still have not found anything, some deeper (and more time-consuming) investigation may be neccesary:
  • Have a look at - Search for artist names and track titles here aswell. Be prepared to find more than you expect since also hosts demos, grafix and similar stuff.
    Since is an archive especially dedicated to the demoscene, you will most likely find demotunes or tunes by authors who wrote music for a lot of demos here.

I hope that these steps will help you finding your lost modules! :)[/list]
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Re: Lost a tune?
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2008, 07:23:41 »

You know a while back, Jojo. I went through some old floppy disks..yeah that's right floppies. I found some really old mods I had downloaded from the old BBS days. I was amazed seeing that some are still around here at ModArchive today. Good to see they were preserved.  :)
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