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Author Topic: Introduce yourself - Eagle  (Read 3057 times)

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Introduce yourself - Eagle
« on: March 03, 2006, 09:28:32 »

Name's Fredrik "Eagle" Larsson. I am another computer nerd that spends his days tracking and learning all kinds of programming languages. Since I spend so much time studying things and learning, I have grown to be a bit pompous and ego-centric (I try to be modest these days, though. But I do remember times when I acted like a total snob.).

My tracking style is rather experimental. I do not stick much to a single genre, so I got songs from most categories in my portfolio. I fail to do techno and trance music, though, and the 70's psychadelic is not even an option.

Some of the music ends up in my games which are developed under the company name "Tarana Software" which can be downloaded from if anyone is interested (Notice that the website is done in freewebs. I am currently developing a CSS-formatted HTML website. That website will replace the old freewebs pages in a soon future. EDIT: The link now leads to the new website.).

When it comes to show my semi-cute and semi-ugly but even more average face, I can not show a real photo. But I do have several really good self-portraits. I found one of them in my old photobucket account and includes my ex-girlfriend (If anyone care. :) ):

I am the smiling guy to the right (Apparently I have to confirm that since some people think my drawing of my ex-girlfriend looks rather manly. :? ). Drawn with ClarisWorks 4 a half year ago on my old Macintosh Performa 5400. If I can find that wonderful and 95% accurate self-portrait I have (Which I am obviously very proud of) and upload it, I will add it here, too. (EDIT: Found it, will soon add it.)

Oh, and I forgot to say "hi, folks"! :wink:
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