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Author Topic: Introduce yourself - Rikimbo  (Read 2638 times)

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Introduce yourself - Rikimbo
« on: July 03, 2006, 18:11:54 »

icerain:  How old is older than dirt?  :P

Eagle:  Never overwrite old reviews.

And well, since this is my first post in this topic, I may as well introduce myself formally.  Regulars here should know me already, but here goes!

I'm Rikimbo (AKA Eric Himbeault), 19 year old tracker from Canada.  I'm fluent in both of my country's official languages, French and English.  I found The Mod Archive sometime in 2003, after discovering the module music format through my obsessive search for the great music in the old (barely known) DOS game Inner Worlds.  I immediately fell in love with this place, and since 2004 have been a zealous contributer for this website.

After reviewing for a while, I started tracking myself sometime in summer 2004.  It took me about a dozen tracks before I fell in love with the ambient/atmospheric/chillout genre, and have been mainly exploring this style of music (which, sadly, does not appeal to many people).

Some non-tracker personal information about me:  I'm a second year university student, persuing studies in honours physics (high five to Louigi Verona!)  and I'm loving it so far.  Aside from being active in the tracking scene, where I am one of the younger memebers, I am also active in the Starcraft modding community, where I am amongst the older members.  

And... I like long walks in the park, candle-lit dinners... nah, I'm just kidding!   :lol:

That's pretty much all you would ever need to know about me.

...For the moment.

Hi.  :)

quot;I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am."
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