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Author Topic: Modarchive IRC Chat  (Read 3656 times)

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Modarchive IRC Chat
« on: June 17, 2008, 12:34:12 »

We have been running our IRC chat room for over 10 years now, and there are still people there that began back when it began! Talk about not having a life...

It is quite certain that many frequent visitors to this site feel more comfortable participating in chat rather than forums but have not been aware of the fact this facility exists on the site. So, if you're already IRC savvy - just point your client to and join #modarchive. If you're not familiar with IRC yet would like to participate in the chats (be aware, read next bit below) then join up on this site as a Member and the web-browser based chat will be available from the main menu (requires Java and direct internet connection).

Please note that not everyone lives in the same timezone. If you're from the US, expect it to be initially quiet during the evening - we are all asleep here in Europe! But join anyway and idle (stay logged in) you'll miss out otherwise! ;-)

Moderators are on hand most of the time to help out with chat issues (should there be any) however, just for reference please bear in mind that you must abide by the basic rules which are outlined here. Note: if you are not logged into the site you do not need to use the buttons on this page.


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