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Author Topic: Searching 4 (or 5) XMs for my beta  (Read 18364 times)

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Re: Searching 4 (or 5) XMs for my beta
« Reply #20 on: August 14, 2008, 17:15:40 »

Raina is helping me a lot, but there's still space for everybody else who wants to help my demo with one of his XMs. The features are still:

1st: there are max 16 channels so your tunes shouldn't use more than 16 channels.
2nd: there's no "sample interpolation" or "volume ramping" so deactivate them in your tracker and check if your XM sound good 'enough'.
3rd: it's a beta so it supports only few effects yet (8xx, 9xx, Axy, Cxx, EAx, EBx, EEx, Fxx) (*)
4th: XM file size max 1MB, better if <700 KB anyway.

Said that I have to add that instrument volume envelopes are supported (and now quite well beta tested  ;D ) and panning envelopes are not... both 8 & 16 bit samples can be used, both the forward and the ping-pong loop are supported.
Multi-sample instruments are also supported.

Of course I will give credit to the author(s) and a little space (for a link? free text?) for each tune. And my gratitude, of course :)

(*) as of today I already added support for EDx effect, a beta support of Pxy and ECx effects (still both untested...) and also a beta support for 4xx and 5xx effects, actually only working as 'volume slide', no portamento and/or vibrato.

Thanks! :)

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