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Author Topic: Pattern Rhythm Consistency  (Read 3778 times)

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Pattern Rhythm Consistency
« on: October 15, 2008, 22:19:41 »

Forgive me if this post doesn't make sense. I'm new to tracking and have very little musical background. I can elaborate if necessary.

I'm having problems keeping a consistent rhythm between my patterns. When I listen to tunes I make in MilkyTracker the rhythm between patterns sounds off. I end up having to adjust the length of my patterns to try and make everything sound consistent. Does anyone have suggestions as to how I can keep a consistent rhythm and length between patterns? Is this just something that will come with practice? Thanks.


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Re: Pattern Rhythm Consistency
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2008, 00:06:20 »

The default pattern length is 64 rows and the way to have a steady rhythm across patterns without messing with that number is to break this into to even parts. If you placed a bass drum kick on the first row and another one 32 (20 in hexadecimal) rows apart, sure enough you would have a steady beat, although a very, very slow one. Howzabout 16 (10 h) rows? 8? Getting there.. 4? Techno, techno, techno, etc..

Does that help at all? Btw, you don't have to do techno ;) , you could just as well use any sample like that to give you a sort of metronome click into which you can time other elements of your track. It could be anything really and needn't be part of the song, just delete it when you've got the song rolling without it.
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