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Author Topic: Instruments and envelopes  (Read 2558 times)

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Instruments and envelopes
« on: February 09, 2009, 13:39:39 »


0xtob, is there any news about the development? What's been implemented? What's left to implement? (I mean, in the nearest future ^^)

A few things I'd like to improve about instruments:

> A sustain loop for instruments' envelopes.
> A release point for instruments' envelopes:
Example: when you put a "---" on a row, the sound doesn't cut off brutally, but the envelope jumps to the release point. If there's no release point, the sound cuts off brutally ^^

> The volume of a note in the pattern has to be independent from the volume of the instrument.
Example: if an instrument is played by default at volume 48, a note with volume 32 will play the instrument at volume 32 (and not at volume 48*(32/64)). Also, a note with volume 64 will play the instrument at full volume (and not at its default volume). This would avoid incompatibility issues with MilkyTracker (or any other FT2-like, I suppose).
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